Ashely's Team in Training Page

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The fall of 2006 has been the best 17 weeks of my life and I will forever be changed. In August, I, Ashely Clark, decided to run a marathon. Partly because I thought it would be cool and partly because I had heard about Team in Training. I work with oncology pharmaceuticals and had a close friend, Trevor, who was diagnosed with lymphoma in the spring of 2006 and have seen the impact that cancer has in the world. I thought this would be something great that I could do to help in the fight against cancer!

So, I showed up on the first day having never ran more than probably a mile in my life with big ambitions. I was going to run a marathon and raise money to benefit the fight against cancer. Along the way, I had ups and downs, but never gave up. I made new friends, met some of the bravest people in the world and found out things about myself that I never knew. And, I did it! I set a goal and reached it. That along is one of the greatest feelings ever!

Thank you to my amazing family, friends, co-workers and those strangers who all want to make a difference in the world! I raised more than $3,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and was part of a team that raised more than $350,000 collectively! Your support has been amazing. From the sports creams to the energy blocks to the simple words of encouragement, you have been there for me and I could not have done it without your support. Thank you! Together we have raced to fight cancer!

PS It's not too late to donate! Please visit the donate link on the left to learn more!

And, if you're ever wanting to walk and/or run a half marathon and/or full marathon, let me know. I would love to train with you! And, try I promise you'll never regret it!